Granite is a durable rock composed of different rock types typically used for building.

Creatives spend more time running their businesses than practicing their craft, which often results in accepting work at lower pay rates – and sometimes unpaid – in order to survive. Businesses have abused this vulnerability, causing creative work to be undervalued.

Granite Collective partners with diverse and ambitious creatives to build, develop, grow, and run their businesses to increase their value by providing a structure of strategic brand, creative, and talent management services that allows creatives to focus on their craft. Our goal is to build a diverse group of creatives and shift creative industry to work more in favor of creatives.


Our creatives and brands provide the following services:

Branding | Design | Fashion | Marketing | Merchandise | Music | Photography | Podcasting | Tattooing | Videography


Chris Cashman, Founder & Director
Sarathea Fuentes, Partner & Program Manager
Jahns Chavez, Portfolio Manager - Washington, D.C.